Home now. Looked up DSL offerings at Verizon @ Home. Unfortunately, it seems that they want to sell a much slower data rate via dsl at approximately the same price point as Road Runner. They'll never compete at that rate. Only people without cable availability will sign up. Sad.
Verified that BryanB did indeed place the order for the Parts to upgrade Ann's computer. Need to get an ETA. Now we need to duplicate the order for the new Tampa Engineer guy.
I put out the memo about the BST upgrade, but darned if my (1) typo didn't throughly confuse Bruce about the intent of the whole memo...Aargh!
James from QuickDraw called. I need to forward him a drawing of the 2nd floor plan to ge the Window notations made for Victor and the Study's windows.
Stef called. Beach says he's sending a crw out today to note the corners of the pool shell, and to "locate drainage". I don't like the bit about drainage. The surveys might be complete by Thursday.