Beware Graphics Design 'Professionals'

We just had our company logo redone and it is amazing to me that companies continue to stay in business out there that don't fully grasp basic tenants of their core business. The design firm that created our new "branding package" (i.e. a logo) created a nice enough looking logo, but there are a couple of problems that they apparently didn't anticipate:

  • The extremely horizontally-weighted aspect ratio make the logo unreadable when it has to be inserted into a narrow space.
  • The logo incorporates non-standard fonts, such that any documents marketing or otherwise which try to maintain a semblence of consistency must embed that commercial (i.e. license/royalty bound) font in the document. This also forces us to exclude the use of this font from our web site except in cases where the text is included as part of a raster image.
  • The logo makes use of three font sizes in which the largest font is roughly four times the size of the smallest font, which by the way is the font size in which the tag-line portion of the logo is rendered. This, in essence, limits us to 4-inches as a minimum width for the logo without having to exclude the tag line portion of the logo.

As if that wasn't enough the firm, when the logo was finalized was asked to send us the specifications for the logo, such as height, width, color specs., font names letter spacings etc. to enable our various department to accurately incorporate the logo into our various internal documents failed again. Aside from not actually knowing the name of the font they used, or being able to provide an original PSD or AI file with the original font, the gave us color information in three different color models (RGB, CMYK, and Pantone) which mathematically disagreed with each other and in fact looked quite different both on screen and in print.

Wow. We'd get fired by our clients if we did that type of shoddy work.

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