ArcPad 7.0

ArcPad What's New

The new version of ArcPad is out and we'll have to try it. It'll be interesting to see whether it can load on our suvery Dept. GPS handhelds. If it does, we'll be able to pre-populate the handhelds with parcel and certified corner data sets to help the crews setup and back-haul to points more quickly.


Great analysis

A the risk of being a 1-trick blog, I gotta say that Google Analytics is really doing it's job. The updates are kind of slow and have not presented a pattern, but the services is great. It's really giving me food for thought with regard to our website's target market and keyword strategy. Good stuff.


Google Comes Through

Well, I gotta hand it to the folks at Google, they did it again. Though the start was roughened by delays, they got the Google Analytics service rolling, and wow am I glad. The power of the in-depth analysis that they run and the depth and breadth or reports blew me away. It seems that they only update on 24-hour cycles, but I think, given the quality I can handle the incremental nature.

Great job, Guys Gals!


Google Analytics Delays

Wow! Still no Reports!

Did Google get cought with their pants down on the analytics thing or what? Did they do any studies at all to determine the billions or people like me who have MULTIPLE sites that have had to settle for lower-end freebie analytics and "page-counters" for such a long time would jump on their offer. I can only imagine the GFLOPS their compute farms must be using on billions of 5-page/3-hits/day and millions of 50-page/10,000-hits/day sites. I'd hate to have been the needs assesment engineer on that one.

Maybe if you had to paypal 5-cents a month, that would trim a statistically significant number of users. Hmm... but then again the data from the vast flotsam and jetsam of the webshpere is what Google is really after, huh? I just hope they are scaling well.

Good Luck Guys!

New GIS Blog

Found a new GIS Blog today. Good stuff:


WFS, whererfore art thou?

WMS is awesome! This OGC standard is great is its own right. The USGS, GeoSpatial One-Stop, and the FGDC are all publishing data layers by the boatload. The problem is, that WMS published data doesn't let you query the tablular data or change symbology to reflect it.

Enter WFS. WFS allows direct record-level access to the data sets rather than simply displaying them as a pre-symbolized aggregate visual. It's great stuff. But nobody is publishing in it....Why? Something in the back of my head says that the data publishers really don't want to distribute data, just maps. Am I just crazy?

Google Base?

I don't quite know what to think about Google Base. It's one of thise amorphus technologies that seems to solve problems you didn't quite know you had. Is it a threat to eBay, or a discussion wiki? The thing is, it's publicly searchable, so you can't use it to back-end a on-line app. without exposing your back end.

The jury is still out..

Google Analytics

Google just launched their Web Analyitics service and at first glance it seems to really be what the doctor ordered for the SMB market. I've tried the likes of Accesswatch and Webalyzer but none gave me the kind of granular tracking and ROI tools that I think this new Google offering will.

For small companies in the AEC sector like ours, most of our new clientele arrive via direct recommendation and word of mouth, so the web sites end up simply being a yellow-page ad to get our phone number. As such, the web site gets little attention or budget, so having an enterprise class analytics package can really help both in better targeting the site, molding the feature set and showing an ROI in the hopes of getting more budget and attention for the site.

Ironically enough, we are in the process of re-designing our site, so I hope to gather enough data prior to the unveiling of the new site to get some proper analysis of the traffic flows before and after. Another useful feature will be the ability to tag URLs so we know whether certain web-site promotions are doing better than others.

Time will tell. I just installed the javascript snippet on our sites, and it'll take a week or so of data gathering before any meaningful statistics can be generated. I remain impatiently hopeful until then. If you are using the service, let me know what your impressions are.