Google Analytics Delays

Wow! Still no Reports!

Did Google get cought with their pants down on the analytics thing or what? Did they do any studies at all to determine the billions or people like me who have MULTIPLE sites that have had to settle for lower-end freebie analytics and "page-counters" for such a long time would jump on their offer. I can only imagine the GFLOPS their compute farms must be using on billions of 5-page/3-hits/day and millions of 50-page/10,000-hits/day sites. I'd hate to have been the needs assesment engineer on that one.

Maybe if you had to paypal 5-cents a month, that would trim a statistically significant number of users. Hmm... but then again the data from the vast flotsam and jetsam of the webshpere is what Google is really after, huh? I just hope they are scaling well.

Good Luck Guys!

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Hello Do not quite understand what is at stake.