Google Analytics

Google just launched their Web Analyitics service and at first glance it seems to really be what the doctor ordered for the SMB market. I've tried the likes of Accesswatch and Webalyzer but none gave me the kind of granular tracking and ROI tools that I think this new Google offering will.

For small companies in the AEC sector like ours, most of our new clientele arrive via direct recommendation and word of mouth, so the web sites end up simply being a yellow-page ad to get our phone number. As such, the web site gets little attention or budget, so having an enterprise class analytics package can really help both in better targeting the site, molding the feature set and showing an ROI in the hopes of getting more budget and attention for the site.

Ironically enough, we are in the process of re-designing our site, so I hope to gather enough data prior to the unveiling of the new site to get some proper analysis of the traffic flows before and after. Another useful feature will be the ability to tag URLs so we know whether certain web-site promotions are doing better than others.

Time will tell. I just installed the javascript snippet on our sites, and it'll take a week or so of data gathering before any meaningful statistics can be generated. I remain impatiently hopeful until then. If you are using the service, let me know what your impressions are.

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