RSS Feeds

I had to roll my own RSS feeds for the new web site. I created them for our projects list, careers, and news articles. The idea is that it provides an another venue for clients, potential hires, and search engines to keep up with the activity on our site effortlessly without having to remember to re-visit the site just to check for updates. The secondary benefit is that as webmaster, I now can get timely updates to news, career, and project updates too through my news reader.

Informal polling around our office has revealed an upward trend in RSS readership, which hopefully is indicative of prospective employees too.

Along the SEO front, it seems many of the portals, Google, Yahoo, and MSN all have "personalized" pages. A prominent feature of these is the ability to add RSS feeds to your personal page. My theory is that these search providers are definitely going to pay attention to what their own account holders deem important enough to add to their own personal portal pages. We'll see if I'm right in a few months.

Here are the RSS feed links:

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