RSS's not easy

While the RSS 1.0 PHP class I used does work with Wizz Reader, and MyGoogle, it doesn't work with the MyMSN content aggregator or the Wallace News Reader I use on my Blackberry. The really funny thing is that it DOES validate with the W3C RDF Validator

Strange. Maybe Atom is the way to go? I don't know. I just want it to be widely useable.

As a side note, I did a little research on google Adwords today at the behest of our marketing committee. Their concern was getting our job opportunities in front of more potential applicants. The AdWords program seems fairly inexpensive. A quick estimate shows we could increase traffic by about 300% for about $60/week. I would like to find out how qiuickly we can "turn-on" and "turn-off" a campaign. That could really be worth it the first week that a job or announcement is in place.

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