House of the Rising Sun

It felt really good, on Friday, to be able to throw a little love Sun Microsystem's way. They are good guys, real innovators in my book. We haven't been a "Sun Shop" for a very long time. The proliferation of PC-based workstations, early Samba file-locking/performance issues, and the ability of Linux to run lightning quick on inexpensive x86 hardware did away with our Sun habit. That and Sun's, at the time, high price tags for hardware.

Sun made it easy, to come back home, though. The Sunfire X2200 M2 is a dynamite Opteron based server at a price point I couldn't ignore, easily edging out both Dell and HP in the competitive quoting process I always use for servers. Doing this for so long, I've grown callous to the "coolness" factor in most new technology purchases instead looking at ROI's and availability issues, but I find myself waiting in almost eager anticipation for the Sunfire X2200 M2 to arrive. I have high hopes for it as a VM Server host for my Websense project.

Now if only I can find and old SunExpert to get a forwarding address for Mr. Protocol...God he was good!

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