Strike Three for TechData

TechData did it again. I'm trying to push along this enterprise backup project which hardware-wise centers around a Quantum PX-502. It was supposed to have (2) DLT-S4 drives it. While my vendor, CompServ, has been stellar, they keep having to clean up TechData's screw-ups. Here they are so far:

  1. TechData's Quantum team gave CompServ and I the wrong cabling information. The library as configured needed (3) FC connections, not (1) as they said. That would have been a $1,500 blow to the budget, had CompServ not stepped up to bat.
  2. TechData sent double the amount of tapes they were supposed to and then started leaning on CompServ for them or $$$. I ante'd for shipping the tapes as a thank you to CompServ fixing the FC-ports problem.
  3. TechData shipped the library with mismatched drives: (1) DLT-S4, and (1) LTO-3. Now, we've got to cross-ship the LTO-3 back. Even more time is now lost.

Can't these TechData guys get anything right?

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