BST Global Users Conference

BST Global's User Conference, held in Tampa, FL, was an affair well attended both by BST's user base and by their own staff. There were many worthwhile sessions dedicated to key business areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Billing

Many in the crown commented on the great strides BST has made in the areas of Business Intelligence (BI)and Integration. Their Performance Portal product is a true step up from the portals of old and will truly providee powerfull analytics when coupled with SQL Server 2005's Enterprise Edition's Analysis Services for OLAP-based computing.

I personally also noted a new-found willingness on BST's part to begin to see the community of their customers in-house developers as a resource to be cultivated, rather that be looked upon as a potential revenue drain for their consulting force. Anecdotally, I've alway informally looked at the presence of a lively and supported development cottage industry as the hallmark of a mature customer base and a progressive-looking vertical solution vendor. Who better to look to for innovation and risk-taking.

Along these lines, I am working with some of BST's staff to begin a BST Developers Community web site. With input from several other customers, this could potentially benefit a lot of people, even BST.