Web 2.0 Style and GIS growing pains

We're having the web site of one of our child companies reworked, and have after three rounds of reviews decided to go with a Web 2.0 look/feel (yeas rounded corners). I'm a little nervous about the design dating itself too soon.

The best news is because I properly designed the database and administration back end for our main site, we'll be able to add programmatic features for this site withonly minor PHP code chages.

And now for something completely different!

We have got to find "The" way to push GIS technology into the hand of the average staff member better. Right now GIS is seen as a centralized service which produces maps and does analysis for internal and external clients. It is incredibly important, in my opinion, for us to transform GIS into a distributed technology inherent in everything we do in a transparently, viral, non-intrusive way.

This means that the central GIS service group must think in a much more long-term manner and be much more disciplined in the creation of documented tools and standards which users can easily use to get their "real" work done. This means among other things publishing data layers with symbology and in end-user consumeable chunks.

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