Sleeping late, AT&T, and Brighthouse make for a BAD day!

I awoke this morning to the sound of my annoyed (and rightfully so) wife telling me "Get up, you only have 10-minutes to get out the door!" This rude awakening was augmented by the dense smell of bacon which seemed to permeate the entirety of my house. The reason for this fog was that she was cooking bacon in the microwave for inclusion within my boys' sandwiches today. Waking up with that thick smell is totally different than smelling its aroma in the kitchen after you are showered and dressed. To my senses, at least, it made me feel dirty and greasy from the moment I pried open my eyes.

This bacon-induced affectation merely served to exacerbate my overall mood as having a paltry ten, wait, now nine minutes to get out the door meant that I could not indulge in the morning shower that is my custom. Instead, I had to run into the bathroom, shave, brush, comb, wash my face, and de-odorize in record time.

Waiting to greet me when I emerged from the bathroom was a wrinkled pair of pants and a shirt which both sports a missing button and a small tear at the bottom of a side-seam. "Great, no time to change now...". Out the door I went, coffee-less, with the boys close in tow.

I got them to school in time, but that's where the good news ends. Upon arrival at work, two things hit me in the face. First, I got accosted at the front door by a frantic office manager because our telephone lines were down. Again. Secondly, I noticed while looking up our AT&T troubleshooting numbers, that our backup Internet connection is VERY slow.


I called all eight (8) of our AT&T contacts going up the hierarchy in the correct order on my AT&T Account Team list. I did this on my nearly battery-dead blackberry, following up with an urgent email copied to all of them. None of the contacts either picked up the line nor bothered to return my call withing 45-minutes. In the mean time I had our Tampa Systems Administrator going up the ladder from the generic technical support page from their web site.

AT&T allowed an individual, neither employed by my company nor authorized by my company, to place a line disconnect order which included (19) lines from our T1!


This is the second time this has happened, despite reassurances of restrictive measures being put in place the first time.

All is fixed, after four hours, now, but they owe us some money and I'm going to collect!

Brighthouse Business Class, on the other hand, is content to tell us that a 40% packet loss and it's resultant 1Mbps bandwidth is nominal when our contract is for 7Mbps. I'd like to go on about this one, but it's not over yet.

Aaack Phhht!

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