Manager Tools

I recently found a a very helpful podcast, Manager Tools, via iTunes. This long-running podcast is put together by two experienced executive-managers who started their own executive-coaching firm. In each episode they cover a simple subject, but put tremendous thought into how to do it well.

For those interesting in furthering their careers through performance excellence, while learning a little business-theory and history to boot, this is an excellent resource.


Twittering Away

I'm liking twitter so far. There's much less pressure to write well, so I tend to be more prolific. How narcissistic is that! Why is being prolific in this type of forum good?

My Twitter


Wiki for Real

GIS is growing at our firm at a record pace. I've been holding training classes every Monday at lunch to try to push-out the technology know-how to the edges of our production teams. Until recently, GIS has been implemented as sort of a catherdral-type technology here. As in "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" by Eric Raymond. I'm trying to move us to more of a bazaar type of model where GIS is allowed to permeate all our staff's work, thus empowering them.

Something as critical as GIS, however, cannot simply be shot out to the masses any more than Linus could have simply pushed out the source for the Linux kernel and just went on vacation. There needs to be a moderator or maintainer, me I guess, and there needs to be some structure both for enabling change and for bringing others up to speed as quickly as possible. To that end, I started a wiki today for GIS within Genesis Group to help me accomplish these goals. It is my hope that I will not be the only one writing on it, but that those I'm training will also contribute and edit as much as they learn.

I'm starting out with (3) categories and have already written several pages.

My categories are:

  • Data - Information about the base geospatial data sets we maintain.
  • Standards - guidelines for graphics, storage, and processes
  • Tools - Software and Add-ons

Wish me luck!