What started as two sisters, grown and with families of their own, collaborating on a New York Yankees themed cake for their Father on Father's Day, has grown, slowly at first, gaining initial ground imperceptibly, fighting the inertia of work and family, propelled by the prospect of a possible true-calling finally fulfilled into the freshly burst-open bloom of a new custom cake business. This small venture, as any new business, has needs:

  • Ordering forms
  • Business cards
  • Cake photo albums
  • Contact lists
  • Web site
  • Email
  • File Sharing
  • Group calendaring

Unfortunately, I'm the only IT guy or for that matter computer-literate person in the family. So guess what that means, yep if you're in IT you guessed it. I'm now the official TechSlave for my wife's business. For those who are not in the industry, a TechSlave is the person that for some reason, ends up working for free on anything and everything even remotely technology related for endless hours just to make sure things get done right; in a flexible, extensible, scalable manner, and maintainable.

So, here I am, working long hours at night, after my "real" work is over; working for an non-paying client, a client that feels free to argue with my assessments without regard for possible future charge-backs; a client for whom I will worker harder for than any other to find the cheapest possible solution because I will have to make any expenditures with my own money.


To date, I've set them up with Google Apps for software, Gmail for email, Google Voice for their phone number, LegalZoom.com for their legal needs, GIMP for their marketing graphics (I'm the graphic artist too), and GoDaddy.com for their LAMP stack based website hosting (I'm the web-designer, marketer, web-programmer, and SEO professional).

It's been an interesting experiment so far in family bonds, open source, technology immersion training, and patience. The girls have come pretty far even doing their own viral marketing via Facebook and Twitter. We'll see where it goes.

So, if you need a great custom cake for your wedding, birthday, graduation, holiday party or any special occasion, check them out at Show Me the Cake!. The girls make some beautiful and delicious cakes and even throw a crumb to their TechSlaves every once in a while.