Proving Legitimacy

If your firm does work for a government agency at any level, federal, state, or municipal, you are no doubt familiar with the SF-330 which replaced the old 254/255 Forms that were previously used. It's a lengthy company profile form that can take many man-hours to fill accurately with time spent data-mining your ERP and financial systems. The general purpose of this form is to provide a standardized way for agencies to look at a prospective vendor applying for a contract and determine whether the business is of appropriate size and experience (both company experience and projects staff personal experience) for performing the particular type of work for a contract.

It's a very onerous pre-screening before the particulars of your proposal are even considered. Once you've done it once, however, it is fairly painless to keep updated from year to year, provided you save your reports and SQL queries from the previous year.

The problem is this. Ninety percent of the entities we deal with who require a SF330 submittal, still require their own totally unique past project experience reporting. This can be a terrible burden on small businesses to bear, especially if they are trying to provide accurate and thorough information, which I suspect many can't. To provide the information they require, you have to have an very robust ERP system, a ton of demographic fields in your master and transactional records (projects, invoices, client types, business units, staff), a rigorous data quality control process for it all, and staff who are familiar enough with that system to data-jockey it for all it's worth.

Wasn't this the problem the SF-330 was designed to solve?