FCC Report on Consumer Broadband Performance is Out!

The FCC Report on the performance of consumer wireline broadband entitled Measuring Broadband America is out. No big suprises, but a few small insights for some customers. The link to the report itself is at the end.

Here's my executive summary:

  • Most ISPs delivered actual download speeds within 20% of advertised speeds, with modest performance declines during peak periods.
  • Upload performance is much less affected than download performance during peak periods.
  • Only Charter, Comcast, Cox, and Verizon (FiOS, not DSL) met or exceeded their advertised sustained download speeds using a 24-hour average.
  • Only Comcast and Verizon (FiOS) met or exceeded their advertised sustained download speeds during peak times (7pm - 11pm Mon-Fri)
  • Advertised upload speeds fared better, with only AT&T, Insight, Mediacom, Qwest, TimeWarner, and Windstream failing to meet their advertised speeds using a 24-hour average.
  • The highest sustained download speed as a percentage of advertised speed went to Verizon (FiOS) by a clear margin of approximately 15%. The sustained upload speed winner was Cox.
  • The latency tests showed tha fiber had the lowest latency, with cable coming in second, and DSL dead last.
  • The Web-Loading times show that, in my opinion, Comcast is doing some good work in the area of traffic shaping or caching with a statistically significant faster page-load time especially in their lower speed tier offerings.
  • Performance variation shows that Verizon (FiOS) keeps a nearly perfect straight line performance no matter the time of day, while most others experience at least a 10%-20% dip during peak hours. Cablevision clearly tanks under peak times loads.

The full FCC Report.

Hope this helps!