I am consistently puzzled at the subjects that engender outrage in others.  Sometimes it is the way a subject is broached, sometimes it is just who broached the subject, sometime it depends on the audience, and sometimes it is simply that it was broached at all.

There are some, unfortunately, those natural default reaction to any adverse stimuli is outrage.  These are the people who lose my respect.

Outrage, as a visceral emotion, can be useful when in situations of direct danger where quick reaction is actually necessary. Ninety percent of the time when I have witnessed outrage in myself or others, however, this is not the case.  Just like revenge, expressing a contrarian opinion is usually best done in a cold and well-thought out manner that addresses the subject directly and offers a solution rather than swinging blindly everybody else.

Outrage then, is the safe harbor of the easily offended, or the curtain put up by those who make a living of pretending to be offended.

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