The Enabler of Digital Transformation

The term digital transformation is all the rage in the IT and business worlds these days. It's the new cloud replacement in marketing-speak manuals all over the world. The most cogent definition I've heard so far is that digital transformation is the adoption of the process as a habit of a business changing to adopt new processes, products, and strategies due to the benefits of technologies. Kind of sounds like common sense at first, but then I got to thinking.

Back in 'the day' most businesses embraced technology to either do what they were already doing faster, more accurately, or with fewer people. Technology companies, of course, use technology to create new things to do, inventing their own markets, and services, but traditional companies saw them as a different kind of beast from themselves.

I think the coining of the term digital transformation, is actually the collective realization that we are, all of us, technology companies. We all are looking to technology for new products we can sell or other new types of services our companies can offer that were previously too difficult or costly to attempt to offer. Technology is no longer an enabler of the existing, but a catalyst for the new.

Furthermore, in thinking about how this has come about, reaching a level of ubiquity as to necessitate the coining of a name for this new reality, I realized that there have been two main stakeholder/drivers and one key enabler to all this.

The first driver is our clients. Each year they demand more services and furthermore require that these services are more customized to their specific needs, eschewing the on-size-fits-all mentality that many firms had in the 80s.

The second driver is our younger employees, to whom the digital age is home. These employees rightfully won't blithely accept "can't" or "we've always done it this way" as answers from their IT organizations; they want to know why not, and generally have the intrinsic grasp on technology to understand the answer and collaborate on new solutions.

Last, but really first, is the enabler that has truly made nearly everyone a driver of digital transformation. That enabler is our new current era of Change-Acceptance. Smartphones, modern operating systems, and web-services have finally trained society to welcome Change and the improvements it promises.  Even my Mother expect her phone to get update, realizes it will change her usage/workflow, and accepts that she will adapt in exchange for the promise of the new improvements or efficiencies the updates will bring.  This Change-Acceptance was unheard of years ago, when the job of IT was to stay hidden out of the way and make things faster without changing the holy processes and rites of old.  Now, we look to technology to see, what the process should be to leverage the new possibilities.

I think it is this sea change of mindset that has made all of us drivers of digital transformation.


Humans Are Cold and I'm a Super Hero!

This morning, my wife commented that she was cold, my ADD struck with a vengeance scream through this this stream of thought (yes, I looked up the actual numbers later) in the blink of an eye.  The results struck me speechless for a nanosecond until I saw a dust mote floating that made me think about the contents of moats in medieval castles. I then remembered that she had just spoken and replied, "Yes, yes you are." with a wry grin, at my intended triple entendre of which she could only possibly guess but two meanings, with her poor non-ADD-enhanced facilities.

Absolute Zero is defined as negative 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is the coldest something can get, the absolute devoidness of warmth.  One theory for the highest attainable temperature for matter is Planck Temperature, which is 2.55e32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat Ceiling:
Cold Basement:

We Humans, however, weigh in at an "average" temperature of 98.6°F. That's only 361.07°F from Absolute Zero and a Universe away from Planck Temperature.

Summary: Humans Added
Heat Ceiling:
Human Beings:
Cold Basement:

We are Cold!

And if you think about it, from the standpoint of Absolute Zero being the temperature where Entropy is at the closest it can get to Zero too, we're pretty stale too.

Hey look, a puppy!  ADD is a super-power folks.