Humans Are Cold and I'm a Super Hero!

This morning, my wife commented that she was cold, my ADD struck with a vengeance scream through this this stream of thought (yes, I looked up the actual numbers later) in the blink of an eye.  The results struck me speechless for a nanosecond until I saw a dust mote floating that made me think about the contents of moats in medieval castles. I then remembered that she had just spoken and replied, "Yes, yes you are." with a wry grin, at my intended triple entendre of which she could only possibly guess but two meanings, with her poor non-ADD-enhanced facilities.

Absolute Zero is defined as negative 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is the coldest something can get, the absolute devoidness of warmth.  One theory for the highest attainable temperature for matter is Planck Temperature, which is 2.55e32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat Ceiling:
Cold Basement:

We Humans, however, weigh in at an "average" temperature of 98.6°F. That's only 361.07°F from Absolute Zero and a Universe away from Planck Temperature.

Summary: Humans Added
Heat Ceiling:
Human Beings:
Cold Basement:

We are Cold!

And if you think about it, from the standpoint of Absolute Zero being the temperature where Entropy is at the closest it can get to Zero too, we're pretty stale too.

Hey look, a puppy!  ADD is a super-power folks.

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